Minecraft Reaches General Availability on Chrome OS

Minecraft is now officially available on Chromebooks, with cross-play, multiplayer, and Marketplace support.

Apple Unveils Porting Toolkit for Bringing Windows Games to the Mac

Apple has announced a new toolkit that will enable developers to optimize and port their Windows games to macOS with minimal effort and cost.

Microsoft Shows off Bing Chat’s Text Prompts and Image Creator in New Campaign

Microsoft starts a Bing Chat campaign that aims to attract new chatbot users by promoting the text-prompt and image-generation capabilities of AI search.

PowerPoint on the Web Gets a Drawing Boost: Ruler, Laser Pointer, Ink Replay and...

Microsoft adds new features to PowerPoint on the web: Draw, Ink Replay, and Ruler amongst the new tools now available.
Baidu opens AR Lab

Baidu Introduces Comate, an AI Coding Assistant to Compete with GitHub Copilot

Comate is Baidu’s latest AI coding assistant that is based on its natural language understanding model ERNIE. It can compete with GitHub Copilot in code generation and translation.

Microsoft’s Bing Chat AI Tricks Users Who Search for Chrome on Edge with Bogus...

Microsoft tried to promote its Bing search engine and Edge browser by showing a fake AI chatbot answer when users searched for Chrome on Edge

Generative AI: Google Releases Free Courses to Get Started

The courses focus on the differences between AI and machine learning, an introduction to Google's machine learning training platform Vertex AI, and the ethics around responsible AI development.

Instagram AI Chatbot: Leaked Image Hints to Upcoming “AI Agents”

Users will supposedly have the option to choose from 30 different AI personalities to chat with.
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Microsoft 365 Users Face Hours of Downtime across Outlook, Teams, and OneDrive Due to...

A network issue triggered a major outage for Microsoft’s cloud services on Monday, affecting Microsoft 365, Teams, Outlook, and OneDrive users.

Microsoft Settles FTC Charges for $20 Million over Xbox Child Privacy Violations

The FTC announced a $20 million settlement with Microsoft over charges that the Xbox violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

The Battle for Reddit: Users and Developers Unite in Protest against Unfair API Fees

Reddit is facing a revolt from its users and developers over its new API pricing scheme. Will it listen to their demands or risk losing them?

Word, Excel and Teams are coming to the Apple Vision Pro AR headset

Microsoft announces Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Teams for Apple’s Vision Pro AR headset. Users can create and edit Office documents in mixed reality.

Apple Unveils Vision Pro: A $3,499 Headset That Blends AR and VR like Microsoft’s...

Apple’s Vision Pro launches to Mainstream AR/VR, but is it really a game-changer or a Microsoft HoloLens clone?

GPT-4 Meets Minecraft: Nvidia’s AI Project Shows the Potential of Language Models

GPT-4 powers Voyager, a Minecraft bot that learns and explores. It outperforms other AI agents. Nvidia’s project shows GPT-4’s potential beyond language.
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Twitter’s Ad Crisis: Advertising Revenue Falls 59% in a Matter of Weeks

Twitter is facing a crisis of trust among advertisers, who have been pulling back or cutting their spending on the platform amid concerns.
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EU Plans to Label AI-Generated Content: What Does It Mean for Google, Facebook and...

The EU could introduce DSA legislation as part of its AI Act that forces companies like Google and Microsoft to label AI content.

Google Issues Warning About Unverified Email Addresses

Hackers can spoof Gmail senders using OAuth exploit. Learn how to spot and stop them with Google’s warning.

Stack Overflow Moderators Go on Strike Over ChatGPT and AI Moderation Block

Moderators and users protest against Stack Overflow’s ban on moderating content created by ChatGPT and similar AI bots.

Australia Plans Regulatory Framework for AI

In response to growing global concerns about the potential harm of artificial intelligence (AI), the Australian government has initiated a comprehensive review of the technology. The review, led by Industry and Science Minister Ed...

Major Microsoft Azure Outage Caused by Typo

In a recent incident that lasted over 10 hours, Microsoft Azure DevOps experienced a significant outage in the South Brazil Region. The cause? A simple typo in the code led to the deletion of...