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How to Delete History on a Chromebook

We show you how to clear Chromebook browser history completely or by page and time range while removing or keeping autofill, login, and other browsing data.


The browser history on a is a record of all the websites you have visited, the searches you have made, the downloads you have done, and the forms you have filled out with . You might want to consider deleting the history on your Chromebook partially or fully for various reasons.

Should I Delete the History on My Chromebook?

There are some drawbacks and risks associated with keeping your browser history on Chromebook. Your Chromebook history might slow down your browser performance and taking up storage space over time. If you let others use your device  you might also be exposing your personal information and preferences and all the pages you visited previously. If your device or account gets hacked or stolen, the browser history is also a neat log others might use to obtain more personal data and private information about you.

Google might also use your Chromebook history and other ad-networks to show you targeted ads and recommendations. Therefore, it makes sense to delete your chrome browser history regularly or periodically. It will help you to:

– Improve your browser speed and performance by freeing up storage space and memory
– Protect your personal information and preferences from others who use your device or account
– Enhance your online security and by preventing hackers or thieves from accessing your browsing data
– Maintain your online reputation and credibility by avoiding unwanted or embarrassing exposure of your browsing history
– Diversify your online experience and behavior by reducing the influence of targeted ads and recommendations based on your browsing history

How to Find Chromebook Browser History

As Chromebook browser history equals history, you have to use the following steps in Google Chrome.

  1. Open Google Chrome on your Chromebook and click on the three-dot icon at the top right
    This will open a drop-down menu with various options.
    Chromebook - Google - 3Dots
  2. Select “History” from the menu
    You can also hover over “History” and click “History” again to open a new tab with your browsing history.
    Chromebook - Google - 3Dots - History
  3. Review Chromebook history and open or delete web-pages
    On the History tab, you will see a list of websites and searches that you have visited or made recently. You can scroll down to see more entries or use the search box at the top to find something specific.
    Chromebook - Google - 3Dots - History - Chrome History
  4. Access Google Chrome history from other synced
    To show browser history from other devices you sync with your Google account, click “Tabs from other devices”
    Chromebook - Google - 3Dots - History - Tabs Other Devices

How to Clear Chromebook Browsing History Completely

Open Google Chrome history as shown above or via the hotkey “CTRL+H”. Then continue as shown below.

  1. Click “Clear browsing data” on the left side
    Chromebook - Google - 3Dots - History - Clear Browsing Data
  2. Select what to delete from browsing history
    You can choose to also delete “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” apart from the visited pages. Click “Clear data” to remove the selected information/data.
    Chromebook - Google - 3Dots - History - Clear Browsing Data - Basic - Uncheck Cookies - Clear Data
  3. When deleted, your Chromebook browsing history will be empty afterward.
    Chromebook - Google - 3Dots - History - Clear Browsing Data - Basic - Uncheck Cookies - Clear Data - Result

How to Clear Chromebook Browser History by Page

If you don't want to remove all of the browsing history you have in Google Chrome, you can delete only specific websites. Just select the pages you want to remove from your Chromebook history and click “Delete”.
Chromebook - Google - 3Dots - History - Select - Delete

How to Delete Google Chromebook History by Date while keeping Cookies, Passwords, Autofill data etc.

You can remove traces of your visited pages for a specific timeframe by removing Chromebook history for a certain period while at the same time keeping some page-related data still stored on your Chromebook, such as browser cache and login information.

  1. Open Google Chrome history and click “Clear browsing data” on the left side
    Chromebook - Google - 3Dots - History - Clear Browsing Data
  2. Select “Advanced” and choose what to remove from Chromebook history and what to keep
    Chromebook - Google - 3Dots - History - Clear Browsing Data - Advanced - Uncheck
  3. Select the “Time range” and click “Clear data”
    Chromebook - Google - 3Dots - History - Clear Browsing Data - Advanced - Time Range - Clear Data
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